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Municipality of Primošten

Measure : 2.2 Networks of Towns

Country: Croatia

Partner search deadline: 01/09/2015

Project description

Since we are interested in sectors of sustainable tourism, agriculture and rural development, young people involvement in social innovation and local development, culture and sports, we would like to find partners interested in the following project fields:

  1. Innovation in Rural Development ;
  2. Young People and Sustainable Development ;
  3. Cultural Heritage and Local Development.

Our project could consist of several proposed activities:

  1. Exchanges, meetings and discussion of citizens, especially young people on the local, national and EU perspectives and best practices of their involvement in sustainable local development ;
  2. Pipelining ideas for long-term cooperation and exchange in the sectors of tourism, agriculture, rural development, culture, sports, etc ;
  3. Internet platforms and tools for innovative developmental cooperation and exchange ;
  4. Consideration of establishment of long-term social innovation networks, clusters and cooperative projects locally and internationally that would involve local citizens as active participants, policy influencers and even leaders of follow-up cooperation initiatives based on the commonly defined goals, values and principles.

Primošten is interested in networking with at least 3 smaller towns (up to 10.000 inhabitants) and interest in the topics and activities proposed. We prefer towns with interest in sustainable rural, tourism and agriculture development, especially those with interest in citizens and youth exchange and engagement, with similar local challenges or experiences or even those with best practices in these fields.

Partners searched

Small towns (up to 10.000 inhabitants)

Organisation presentation

Primošten is a traditional Mediterranean small town situated in the heart of the eastern Adriatic coast in the youngest EU member country of Croatia. Primošten is widely known for its landscapes with amazing beaches and a rich protected cultural and historic heritage.

Bike paths embracing the rural villages are perfect way to explore the less known beauty of the hinterland: images of its protected landscapes of vineyards and olive groves surrounded with drywalls as reminder on hard past times and symbols of human perseverance, fortitude and diligence are part of the UN headquarters.

However, as all the rural parts of Croatia, in spite of being attractive even for foreign investors, Primošten faces a challenge of youth drain, lack of balanced and sustainable development of its coast and hinterland, and needs a more innovative and participative development based on the principles, values and objectives of smart, sustainable and inclusive Europe 2020. Hence, our idea is to network with towns interested to explore solutions and tools for more proactive democratic engagement and civic participation in local development in a wider EU perspective and to open perspectives of long-term citizen exchange, mutual learning, cooperation and networking.