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Darbenai Gymnasium of Kretinga District

Measure : 2.1 Town Twinning

Country: Lithuania

Partner search deadline: 23/02/2015

Project description

We would like to invite your organisation to join to the commemoration of victims of The World War II and become our partners in the international project “Heartbreaking history and a wish to live in the safe future unites us”.

The main idea of the project is to recollect the severe history of the coercion of the World War II and to promote the volunteering. In Lithuania, during the war and post-war period, the partisan movement was very active. However only a little attention is paid to take care of the partisan dislocation places. The commemoration of partisan movement is more perpetuated in museums or books, while the youth is more interested in studying the history by exploration.

During the project we will seek:

  • To promote the volunteering;
  • To involve the youth in commemoration of the victims of the war;
  • To carry out the expeditions on the Lithuanian partisan war paths;
  • To prepare the educational program and expedition routes for tourists and students, in order to get them know about Lithuanian partisan movement and show a wider European historical context;
  • Through the case of Lithuanian partisans to reveal and commemorate the heartbreaking experience of the partner European countries of the World War II.

During the project the following activities are planned:

  • Active conference with an aim to present and commemorate the complex historical experience of different European countries, to promote the volunteering, international co-operation and communication in common pursue for peace in Europe;
  • Expeditions to the authentic partisan places in forests;
  • Various excursions;
  • Summarising final event (upon the agreement in one of the partner countries or in Lithuania).

Target group:

  • The main target of this project is students aged from 15 to 19;
  • We would also want to involve nongovernmental organisations, having a work experience with youth or older people, who are willing to commemorate the remembrance of the World War II victims.

The project will last 18 months.

4 events are planned to take place during the project: three events will be held in Lithuania (2015 Autumn; 2016 Spring and Summer); one event is expected to be held in one of the project partner country in 2016 Autumn.

We expect partners from schools providing general education, various nongovernmental organisations which promote volunteering or already work in this field and are not indifferent to the commemoration of the World War II victims. During the project partners will be responsible for preparation of presentations historic context and experience in their countries, will participate in expeditions or other project activities. One of partners (based on agreement), could organise the final project event in their own country.

Based on common agreement we are planning to cover partners’ travel, accommodation and catering expenses. For partners, who would like to organise an event in their own country, according to the agreement, we will cover the event organising expenses.

Partners searched

Besides other European Union countries we would highly expect partners from Latvia, Estonia, Poland, Italy, Germany, France.

Organisation presentation

Darbenai Gymnasium of Kretinga District (Lithuania) is a school of general education. Gymnasium not only provides general education to students aged from 7 to 19, but also carries out various after-school activities. There is established center of Tolerance and volunteering is promoted at the gymnasium.

The school is in the small town where in its surrounding areas during the World War II and after it there were active Lithuanian partisans. At the school there is a museum dedicated for the partisans‘ activities and victims to remember. The gymnasium is co-operating with the local community, nongovernmental organisations, Lithuanian volunteers, Lithuanian Rifflemen’s Union.

Together with the Lithuanian Genocide and Resistance Center gymnasium implements projects in connection with commemoration of remembrance of partisan activities. In a role of partner our gymnasium was successfully implementing the international Comenius Regio project with Kretinga district Municipality and organisations from Turkey in the field of vocational guidance.

At the moment we are implementing Comenius multilateral project “Let‘s work together for pleasure” in cooperation with Czech Republic, Poland, Italy, The Netherlands and Turkey.