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Research Group for Northern European Politics - Humboldt University, Berlin

Project name: Activating NGOs on citizens engagement for sustainable and responsible communities

Measure : 2.3 Civil Society Projects

Country: Germany

Partner search deadline: 01/03/2015

Project description

The project aims at creating the framework conditions for the development of a European social platform promoted by NGOs networks from the Baltic sea region and Mediterranean sea region that facilitates learning, networking and promotion of practices for engaging citizens and their participation for better decision making towards sustainable and responsible communities.

The objectives of the project are:

  • the activation of NGOs for citizen engagement and participation in order to give them an opportunity to concretely participate in the Union policy-making process;
  • the development of tools and communication structures;
  • the development of proposals among the participants aimed at making the link to the European agenda and policy making process.

Partners searched

3 Partners from the Mediterranean Region: Italy, Spain, France, UK (others: Portugal, Malta, Extra EU Countries) ; NGOs, Civil society organisations with expertise in civic engagement and participation on policy issues like sustainable and responsible entrepreneurship; energy/environment/regional development; education for sustainable development, employment and working conditions, information society.