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Association Kofe(m)ina

Measure : 2.3 Civil Society Projects

Country: Poland

Partner search deadline: 01/09/2014

Project description


Project emphasizing the exclusion of women in the society, politics and the economy.

Planned activities:

Study visits, public events, seminars/workshops, final conference, exchange through digital workspace, developing tools of communication (website, publication).

A minimum of 6 participants (speakers of English at communicative level or higher) are to be appointed as representatives to their organisation and assigned with coordinating a study visit in their city. Each partner will designate their participants, local community leaders (4-6 people) from a minimum of 3 organisations (depending on the number of the cities participating in the project) supporting and promoting civil involvement and interest in public issues.

Local partnerships will propose activities that partners would like to carry out in their hometowns. The schedule of activities will be prepared jointly. Moreover, it is expected from the participants to liaise with local authorities as well as preparing texts for publication and/or presentations ahead of the final conference.The project kick-off meeting and the final conference will be held in Olsztyn, where the coordinating partner of the project is based.

Partners searched

Preferred partners: NGO from Norway, Albania, Austria, The Czech Republic, Belgium, UK, Slovenia, Croatia, Italy, Malta, Luksemburg.

Organisation presentation

The main goals of the association are scientific, educational and cultural activities, with a focus on gender issues. Some of specific objectives include:

- the promotion of feminist thought and theory of gender as a subject of scientific research,
- examination of gender and sexuality as a 'hidden' determinant in all aspects of our life,
- showing diversity of trends in feminism and the possibility of practical application of feminist (qualitative) research methods, popularization of a positive image of feminism and LGBT
- broadening awareness and sensitivity of gender issues in the local community,
- promoting equal opportunities for men and women in society,
- promoting equal rights for people regardless of gender, race, ethnicity, religion, social status and sexual orientation.

Selected projects in which our organization participated:

- Empowering Women, Strasbourg, France December 2010
- Summer Camp of Young Feminists,Touluse, France, 9-17 July, 2011.
- Women's Day, 8 th March: "Manifa 2010", "Manifa 2011" - workshops, film screenings, conferences etc.
- "Mamanet" - web portal for single mothers
- Tolerance workshops for youngsters, discussions on gender issues, lesbian poetry evenings etc.