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Kretinga district municipality

Project name: Attr-ACT

Measure : 2.2 Networks of Towns

Country: Lithuania

Partner search deadline: 01/09/2015

Project description

Aim of the project – to share best practices, experiences between cities-partners to revive small cities of EU and involve community for change.

During the project, partners will be having landscape training and after it will be putting knowledge in practice by changing even the smallest part of their city’s landscape using power of volunteering. Best practices of those who implemented similar activities in their cities will be shared. Discussions about involvement of citizen in decision making process and revival of their own city will be organized. After trainings and discussions craft fair will be taking place.

Project partners should match at least one criteria:

  1. partner is interested in shifting their city to a better and more attractive place to live and visit.
  2. partner is an expert (or having some experience), which have knowledge and expertise on landscape forming/shaping and would be able to share best practices.
  3. partner has already organized (or is willing to) organize a voluntary ACT in their city to change chosen place, park, etc and to plant some flowers or other plants (plants will not be financed by the project).

Partners, according to the budget will get travel expenses covered, accommodation, catering. If preferred and needed, partners might have to purchase plants.

Project should be implemented in Kretinga (Lithuania), but if measure “Network of towns” is chosen, some activities can be organized in cities-partners. Main activities will take place in 2016 May-June.

Partners searched

Project partnership should consist of municipalities and NGOs.