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Vilko Valia

Project name: Being a Jew

Measure : 1.1 European Remembrance

Country: Lithuania

Partner search deadline: 02/03/2015

Project description

Public institution « Vilko Valia » (Lithuania) is implementing a project supported by « Europe for Citizens » programme (under Strand 1 – European Remembrance) « Being a Jew » in 4 different European cities – Kaunas (Lithuania), Krakow, Gdansk (Poland), Alba Iullia (Romania) and Kosice (Slovakia). Closing event of this project is a symbolic “Star of Remembrance” (600 young people form a Star of David in the main town square) and an international conference on Holocaust education on April 16-17, 2015.

We would very much like to continue developing this highly successful project in 2016. Currently a new application is being prepared to be submitted to EACEA before March 1st, 2015. We are planning to organize similar events: an international conference on Holocaust education and a symbolic “Star of Remembrance“ event in other countries, in their capitals or other major cities of Europe with rich history of Jewish culture and a painful history of the Holocaust.

We are looking for the new partners in Hungary, Romania, Germany, Poland, Czech Republic and possibly other countries who would be willing to implement this project in their city – provided the application is successful.

Please find a description of our event in Vilnius attached. Similar events could be organized in partners’ cities.

Additional document: download the document