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City of Kaposvá

Measure : 1.1 European Remembrance

Country: Hungary

Partner search deadline: 12/02/2015

Project description

Topic: The historical events and decisions that led from the 2nd World War to the revolutions, especially to the Hungarian revolution of 1956.

Main target group: people of 15-35 years

A group of 12-15 people from each country travels to one of the partners (different partner each time, first for example to Croatia, next time to Austria, next to Slovenia) first in order to create an artistic implementation (works of art, paintings, crafts, exhibition, film, performance – theatre, dance etc.) of the topic together. These creations will be presented in those countries. (4-5 days/event)

In October 2016 all the participants will visit Kaposvár, the hometown of Nagy Imre, the Hungarian prime minister in 1956. In Kaposvár, a third implementation will be created and all three creations will be presented to public. (4-5 days)

A film and publication will be made in order to disseminate the results of the project and make it known all across Europe.

Tasks of the participants:

  • organising the accommodation in their hometown of the participants arriving
  • organising their own trip to the locations where the project takes place
  • involve the people of their own town, select the 12-15 main participants
  • organise the event that takes place in their town
  • other tasks upon agreement

Partners searched

We are looking for partners from Austria, Croatia and Slovenia.