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Confederation of Associations of Neighborhood of Catalonia (CONFAVC)

Measure : 2.3 Civil Society Projects

Country: Spain

Partner search deadline: 01/03/2015

Project description

We offer to participate in projects where civil society organizations with experience from the proximity of the neighborhood and the community is required, therefore, citizens of europe, on exchange of experience on projects related to public policy, democratic participation, rights, equality and citizenship , environment, urban planning, etc.

Organisation presentation

CONFAVC is a nonprofit organization, declared a public utility is a nonprofit organization that coordinates 535 neighbourhood organizations (AV) and 23 federations and works to improve the quality of life of residents from all the neighbourhoods in Catalonia.

Our ideology: cohesive neighbourhoods.

1. Social cohesion and equal opportunities.
2. The right to adequate housing.
3. A network of public health and educational of quality.
4. Basic services - water, electricity, public transport, and available
to everyone!
5. Multilingual and multicultural neighbourhoods where Catalan is heritage of the neighbourhood.
6. Sustainable production models.
7. We want spaces for real participation in governance

The functions of the CONFAVC: the support and coordination of associations and federations. The representation i institutional and social dialogue of the neighborhood movement in Catalonia. Promote initiatives, performances and demonstrations of common interest for the realization of its mission. Conduct studies, projects and publications to guide and raise existing problems. Develop community services of interest to the residents. Provide information and training tools. Promote and encourage public participation processes and social dialogue.