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Department for Non-formal Education of Adults and Youth of Radviliškis District Municipal Centre for Education and Sports Services

Measure : 1.1 European Remembrance

Country: Lithuania

Partner search deadline: 02/06/2014

Project description

The main idea of the project is to recreate political situation at the beginning of World War I and to perform it in a way how the youth interprets it today. Participants should not only analyze its situation and political position in 1914, but also to cooperate with youth participants from other countries and share their experience and opinion.

The basic activities will be appointed to create the movie about events before World War I and to delight situation how it began. The process will be orientated to deeper analyze of politics approach and governance without consent of regular people. It is important to emphasize the importance of government legitimacy and to answer the question about those events impact for contemporary understanding about policy-makers field of power.

During the project there will be guaranteed conditions for youth to get involved in process as active and responsible for content. Youth from all participating countries will be equal in creating common movie from different point of view.

The movie will be presented to all communities of participant countries and available online for everybody who is interested in. The aim of this movie is to encourage other countries rethink and get involved in positive way of remembrance of our common history.

Target group of this project is young people from 16 to 20 years old.

Partners searched

We are searching for partners from the similar field of activities (non-formal youth education groups, youth organizations, schools and ect.)

Organisation presentation

Department for Non-formal Education of Adults and Youth of Radviliškis District Municipal Centre for Education and Sports Services is the institution organizing different non-formal or informal educational activities for adults and young people in the district. The department is responsible for youth projects and initiating, organizing and implementing lifelong learning programmes. It is also responsible for in-service training programmes and their implementation for pre-school, primary, secondary and vocational school teachers in the district.

The institution is responsible for organizing non-formal activities for district school children and young people. It aims at providing district's residents with educational activities and works on the creating new programmes for the community members to encourage them to participate in Lifelong learning activities.

The target groups of the institution are school students, youths, teachers, public institution officers, seniors, disadvantaged groups such as people living in remote places from the town centre, unemployed and disabled members of our town community. The district is in a low economic area so the percentage of unemployment is high and a lot of people face difficulties in securing employment and are the subject to social exclusion.