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EU Office Skåne Nordost

Measure : 2.2 Networks of Towns

Country: Sweden

Partner search deadline: 01/09/2015

Project description

This project will bring together 4-5 European local organizations to work together on the common theme of integration. The aim of the project is to exchange experiences and best practices, raise awareness and increase our knowledge on the issues with integration on both a local and European level. Moreover, the project aims to foster a sustainable, long-lasting cooperation between the participating partners. The focus will be on the discussions between local politicians, civil servants and citizens.

The project will consist of 4-5 meetings, one in each participating country, and every meeting will focus on one specific theme on integration. These meetings will be varied and interactive, and may consist of workshops, seminars, study visits etc. However, every partner will be responsible for organizing their meeting.

The following four themes will be addressed:

  • Employment/Job creation
  • NGO’s/Non-profit organizations/Volunteers
  • Language learning
  • Public health and trauma

For each conference at least 30 percent of the participants will be international.

The EU office Skåne Nordost will be the project coordinator, who ensures that the people and resources devoted to this project are used appropriately. The EU office will be responsible for the frame of the project, and will track the progress and quality of work and make sure the project follows its goals and purposes. As coordinator, the EU office will also be responsible for communicating relevant project information effectively and accurately to the partners and organizations involved. Furthermore, the EU office will also perform various administrative tasks connected to the project and its activities such as managing the budget.

Finally, the EU office will be responsible for the meeting taking place in Sweden, more specifically arrange the meetings and its activities, as well as coordinate our municipalities and participants in the organizing of the meeting. Moreover, the EU office will coordinate the participants from Skåne Nordost to the other meetings.

Partners searched

We are searching for two more partners, and we are especially interested in organizations from Germany, Belgium, the Netherlands and northern Italy.

At the moment we have the following partners:
- VIFIN (knowledge and research centre), Vejle Municipality, Denmark.
- The East of England Strategic Migration Partnership, the UK.

Organisation presentation

U office Skåne Nordost is a resource for EU financed project development in southern Sweden, and is functioning on behalf of nine municipalities.

The EU office works mainly with project guidance and planning, arranging workshops and project management courses, partner search for international projects, communicating with national agencies, and distributing information concerning EU and its funds to the municipalities.