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Euro-Forum Foundation

Project name: Euroactive

Measure : 2.3 Civil Society Projects

Country: Poland

Partner search deadline: 02/03/2015

Project description

« EUROACTIVE » project is an initiative that enables young activists and people who see themselves as active citizens to join efforts in organizing social events in public space. Event projects developed by participants will concern such issues as European citizenship, intercultural meetings, European solidarity.

We assume, that about 30 people aged 18-30 will participate in a series of 2-3 day workshops conducted by experienced trainers and project managers eager to share their knowledge in the area of big public events.

Workshops themes will address such issues as social self-organization, public space actions (step by step), web activism and social participation. During workshops public events project will be developed and prepared to be implemented. Each participant is going to be covered with on-line coaching that brings new light on issues like public leadership and organizing public events.

The crowning of our project is a joint venture organized in one of partnership country.

Main role of the partner organisation is to host one 2-3 day workshop for about 25-30 young activists, and take active part in organizing common public event in one of partner countries.

Partners searched

We are searching for 2 – 3 partners, mainly from border EU countries (Lithuania, Slovakia, Czech Republic, Germany), which can bring strong added value to the project.

Organisation presentation

We are young organisation with goals focused at acting on educational and cultural field. Our actions concentrate on equalizing opportunities of young people mainly through improving their foreign languages, ICT and intercultural skills. We also act in the field of public citizenship and social actions.