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Asociación La Tierra Verde

Measure : 2.3 Civil Society Projects

Country: Spain

Partner search deadline: 01/03/2016

Project description

We would like to participate in projects related to citizenship, nature protection, cultural patrimony or heritage and involving youth, aged or disable.

Partners searched

NGOs, public sector, foundations.

Organisation presentation

La Tierra Verde Association is a Canary Islands non-governmental, non-profit organization founded in 2003. The Association works actually in the creation of the Canarias Youth Council, the higher expression body of youth stakeholders in the region.

The main objective of our association has been, since its creation, to raise awareness about the role that information and specifically environmental info can and should play in promoting people and active involvement in a broad spectrum of issues (of social, cultural, environmental, etc.), in diffusing and distributing updated and reliable information and in encouraging the utilization of information for the shaping of virtuous and socially viable behaviors.

We are particularly interested too in the promotion of our patrimony protection and cooperate with many organizations.