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LAG Central Istra

Measure : 2.2 Networks of Towns

Country: Croatia

Partner search deadline: 01/09/2014

Project description

The overall aim of the project is to enhance citizen participation in the development and implementation of activities organized by local actions groups in the EU-28.

The specific aims of the project are:

  • To increase the knowledge and skills of representatives of local governments and LAGs in implementing development actions at the grassroots level.
  • To enhance the exchange of know-how between LAGs in the EU-28 on how they include stakeholder groups and encourage volunteering in local development actions.

Proposed activities and project structure

The project is organized as 4 3-day events held in 4 EU-28 regions over a 24 month period (January 2015- December 2017). Each event will have a specific theme. The partners hosting the event will be responsible for organizing the activities and inviting specific participants. The proposed themes for the project include:

  • The preservation of culture and heritage (event 1 – hosted by LAG Central Istria)
  • Environmental protection and organic agriculture (Event 2 – hosted by Partner #1)
  • Rural development (Event 3 – hosted by partner #3)
  • Encouraging entrepreneurship among youth (Event 4 – hosted by partner#4)

The types of activities that will take place during each event include:

  • Workshops designed around specific topics in order to generate the exchange of know-how between participants and develop new project ideas.
  • Study visits to specific sites that the LAGs have helped to develop and improve
  • Presentations of the projects financed by EU programmes
  • Presentations on the activities and best practices of the LAG members
  • Demonstration activities (pilot actions, concerts, cultural events)
  • Communication activities (press conferences, website, social media and the creation and distribution of information materials relating to the project)

Partners searched

We are looking for partners experienced in the fields of environmental protection, rural development and youth entrepreneurship.

Organisation presentation

LAG Central Istria is a non-profit organization that represents the needs and interests of the City of Pazin and the Municipalities of Gračišće, Karojba, Lupoglav, Motovun, Tinjan and Sv. Petar u Šumi. The total area covered by the LAG is 535,37 km2 and it organizes activities in order to improve the quality of life for the 18.000 residents in the area.

The main reason for forming the LAG was to create the basis on which stakeholders from the public sector, industry and civil society can come together, and jointly implement actions that create better living conditions for all residents in the region. The main priorities of the LAG are to develop competitive economic conditions, ensure the effective management of resources, improve agriculture, preserve cultural heritage, and enhance measures for environmental protection.

Since its establishment, LAG Central Istria has organized education on project cycle management, town hall meetings, presentations, and other actions in order to inform various stakeholders about the activities of the LAG and encourage local residents to take part in local development actions. However, in order to improve the capacity of the LAG to address issues facing issues, the representatives of the local governments within the LAG, as well as the personnel of LAG Central Istria aim to improve their capacities. Specifically, they aim to overcome the following challenges:

- Organizing comprehensive projects/actions that are in line with the needs of all of the region’s stakeholders
- Effectively gathering the inputs of local residents while preparing strategic documents and actions
- Encouraging local residents to volunteer and participate actively in community-based activities

The main way in which LAG Central Istria aims to overcome these challenges is by forming new partnerships and networks with LAGs, cities and municipalities in the EU-28 which have faced similar challenges and experiences. By taking this approach, LAG Central Istria will gain the knowledge and skills required to implement activities at the grassroots level which include citizens, reflect their interests and contribute to sustainable economic development.