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Lidingö Municipality

Measure : 2.2 Networks of Towns

Country: Sweden

Partner search deadline: 06/02/2015

Project description

Lidingö Municipality would like to invite you to become a partner of our project applying for EU programme “Europe for Citizens”.

The project will give persons with mild/moderate intellectual disabilities equal possibilities to understand what it means to be an EU-citizen by meeting each other and experiencing life in other countries. Four partners participate and four transnational meetings take place, one in each city.

Target group: Persons with mild/moderate intellectual disabilities


  • To get knowledge of daily life and experience similarities and differences between the countries through intercultural dialogue
  • To strengthen the democratic participation and create understanding of the democratic process
  • To collect the ideas and dreams of the participants in « a bank of ideas »

Overall theme: Participation and influence
Sub themes: Housing/living, daily activities/work/study, society and culture/free-time

Intercultural dialogue: Participants share their daily life and experience how life can be in different European countries.

Democratic participation: Participants get a possibility to talk directly to politicians and to understand the democratic process.

Partners searched

Town/municipalities, other levels of local/regional authorities, federations/associations of local authorities, non-profit organisations representing local authorities that works with persons with intellectual disabilities.

Organisation presentation

The unit responsible for persons with intellectual disabilities is part of the Department for Support and Care Services at Lidingö Municipality.

The municipality of Lidingö, officially City of Lidingö, consists of Lidingö island and some minor islands. Located in the inner Stockholm archipelago, only ten minutes north east of central Stockholm, it forms a part of Greater Stockholm. With a population of 45 000 inhabitants it has a small town atmosphere, and is a popular place to live. It is known for its green spaces and easy access to sports and outdoor activities.