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Ligatne Municipality

Measure : 2.2 Networks of Towns

Country: Latvia

Partner search deadline: 01/03/2015

Project description

Ligatne municipality is looking for European town twinning partners to work on projects that will use its history (an old industrial town) with touristic goal.

Organisation presentation

Ligatne municipality was founded in 2009 as the result of administrative-territorial reform. Two administrative territories – Ligatne Town and Ligatne Parish - were merged together. There is one town – Ligatne – and 4 villages in the territory of Līgatne district.
The total area of Ligatne municipality is 167,0 km2 including Ligatne town – 7.1 km2 and Ligatne parish – 159.9 km2.

Ligatne town is situated in the northern part of the municipality and it is 70 km from the capital of Latvia - Riga and 25 km from Cesis.
Three quarters from all the Ligatne municipality’s territory and 100% of Ligatne town territory is situated in the Gauja National Park.
There are 3774 inhabitants living in Ligatne Municipality – 1169 live in Ligatne town and 2605 live in villages.

Ligatne town was a busy industrial town up to 1990-ies. There was a large Paper Mill, but it stopped working recently. We are interested in twinning and networks. We are now trying to find the way to present our ex-industrial town to the tourists and we need to cooperate with other European towns and municipalities to get ideas and exchange the experiences.