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Foundation Hereditas

Project name: Local Heroes for Europe

Measure : 2.3 Civil Society Projects

Country: Poland

Partner search deadline: 01/09/2014

Project description

Aims of project:

Strengthening attitudes activity in the creation of social projects and business environments, school children, students and adults.

Promoting innovative social projects and business conducted in the 10 years the Polish membership to the European Union, as examples as potential of success based on the models of projects.

Promoting innovation attitudes , consistency and diligence represented by local heroes of small and medium-sized enterprises in the project local characters.

The project consists of three components:

  1. Festival of Innovation will be contained series of workshops that support of business plans and start- up project recipients aged 18-50 +. Local Heroes entrepreneurs who have achieved success in the local market will lead motivational workshop – « Yes You Can » and will provide business models in their companies. Participants create concepts companies and web applications.
  2. The online platform to promote the legacy of 10 years of Polish membership in the European Union and innovative business projects implemented by local heroes. The platform will consist of short films:
    1. interviews TOP 10 LOCAL Heroes- SHARE GOOD PRACTICE presenting the elected representatives of social projects, cultural and business in Poland
    2. 60 second video describing the project or company, its achievements in projects co-financed by European Union funds
    3. 5 minute interviews « GOOD PRACTICES THAT WORK » with Local hero and its surroundings
    4. 5 minute reports showing the project. Recipients are held through reportage the real conditions in which entrepreneurs carrying out their projects.
    5. 30 minute film presenting the heritage of entrepreneurship with 10 years of Polish membership in the European Union views, ideas and examples showing that it is worth investing in the development of entrepreneurship, as a feature of modern Polish- « how entrepreneurship so many possibilities »
  3. Consultation with business leaders in social projects within the on-line platform. The platform will be equipped with a package of templates for the creation of an independent start- up business ventures allow to start new businesses or expand current. As part of the on- line platform development experts companies provide consultation to customers design among young people and adults.

Partners will be invited to the workshop, cooperation and creation of an online platform (will be available in Polish and partner languages).

Partners searched

Public governments territorial / network of cities partner.

We are looking for two partners from neighboring countries (such as Germany, the Czech Republic, Slovakia etc.) but this requirement is not necessary.

Organisation presentation


Education, publishing, promoting Polish heritage, also outside the country. The Hereditas Foundation has implemented tens of projects (including international ones), some of them financed by the EU-ESF.


- Protection of the post-industrial heritage by disseminating knowledge about monuments of industry and technology of the past centuries, creating programs for the adaptation of post- industrial facilities to new objectives, postindustrial monuments inventory, cataloging post-industrial tangible assets, cataloging and presentation of postindustrial assets (such as the following:;

- Cultural and artistic education of children: dissemination of knowledge of the Polish cultural heritage, promotion of voluntary engagement in creating an inventory and cataloging of samples, conveying programs for schools, children and youth: "Young Protector of the Cultural Heritage", "The young adopt monuments";
editorial and publishing projects: publications on the protection and preservation of monuments, conference materials, catalogs, albums, etc.;

- Cultural heritage protection projects - The Hereditas takes care of cultural assets by: protection, interventions, maintenance, revitalization, including obtaining funding, developing programs for the adaptation of historical buildings to fulfill new functions, construction and restoration works.