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Modern Poland Foundation (Fundacja Nowoczesna Polska)

Project name: Participation through education / Educated citizens – more active citizens

Measure : 2.3 Civil Society Projects

Country: Poland

Partner search deadline: 01/09/2014

Project description


Dialogue, exchange of experience, good practices and ideas about the form and development of civil society and the place and role that aware and engaged citizens should play.

Project Objectives:

  • educating citizenes in media law;
  • improving citizens’ media competences;
  • enhancing discussion and dialogue through deliberative seminar on educating citizens in media law;
  • promoting active citizenship and participation in social and political life;
  • enhancing cooperation between NGOs and developing an international network of civic organizations;

Planned activities: online public consultations, deliberative seminar in Warsaw, preparing and publishing online a programme of teaching media law.

  • conducting public online consultations on teaching media law in organization’s country: consulting the consulations form, translating it into their language (the form will be in English), promoting it (e.g. via mailing, newsletters, social media) and translating the responses (we will try to keep the form short and with as few open questions as possible);
  • participating in a deliberative seminar and preparing the the programme of teaching media law;
  • translating the programme into national language of the partner and publishing it on their website (e.g. under free license).

Partners searched

NGOs working in media literacy from European countries.

Organisation presentation

Founded in 2001, Modern Poland Foundation (FNP) leads educational programmes. The website publishes texts on copyright and provides an Ask-A-Lawyer helpdesk. The annual international conference CopyCamp is an important event for discussing copyright issues.

FNP runs the most popular (4,5 million users) in Poland free internet library with over 2000 books from the public domain, incl. audiobooks and e-books in DAISY format (for visually impaired). As a result of media literacy project we published „Media and Information Literacy Competencies Catalogue” and created website with 147 modules to learn and teach media literacy.

In 2013 we organized pilotage program of media literacy in schools. It’s activities are funded by public institutions (incl. MKiDN, MAiC), private foundations, business and individual donors.