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Municipality and Town Sianów

Measure : 2.2 Networks of Towns

Country: Poland

Partner search deadline: 01/03/2015

Project description

Municipality and Town Sianów invites all those interested in creating a new group of international cooperation or to include us in a ready – created group for the implementation of joint projects during the 2014-2020 financial perspective in the social, cultural and economic center. Sianów offers cooperation in organizing cultural events on an international scale, involving the exchange of cultures (Folk Film Festival, street theater, concerts, etc.), especially in the summer, the exchange of good practices in the field of economic and social, business cooperation.

The aim is to establish cooperation with new partners, use of common opportunities to participate in European programs, exchange of experience with European partners.

Implementation of common projects is to result in the exchange of cultures, an increase in the number of events of international importance, the protection of cultural heritage, economic development, reducing unemployment, improving social conditions.

Cooperation in applying for European programs, participation the implementation of joint events and projects.

Organisation presentation

Municipality and Town Sianów as a unit of local government (about 12.000 inhabitants) involved in public affairs at local, including investments, cooperation with state and local government, International cooperation, culture, social affairs, economic development, education, sports, public safety.