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Municipality of Billère

Measure : 2.2 Networks of Towns

Country: France

Partner search deadline: 01/09/2015

Project description

Project context

Nowadays, numbers of municipalities and non profit organizations wonder how they can reinforce the participation of the inhabitants or clients in their projects. Citizen participation is a very important issue, based on a bootom up approach and aiming at empowerment. General objective

This project aims at strenghtening the cooperation between the partners on citizen participation issues.

Specific objective

  • Exchanging citizenship participation good practices, lead by public authorities or non-profit organization ;
  • Diversity in the mobility of beneficiaries, and the project‘s participants (community development workers AND inhabitants): the project should focus on the participation of the citizens in its own activities (meetings / seminars, study visits) ;
  • Dissemination of citizen participation good practices.


  • 1 meeting in each participating country (study visit, exchange of experiences, meeting of experts, networks, and citizens);
  • Elaboration of a good practices on citizen participation compedium;
  • Dissemination activities (via local or international networks, newspapers, IT, events etc.).

The partner organizations will hold a meeting and invite their employees or inhabitants to participate in the other meetings / study visits, aboard.

They will participate in the writing of the compedium and in the local dissemination of the project.

Partners searched

Local authotities or non profit organizations experimented in citizen participation issues.

Organisation presentation

Our municipality is located near Pau, in the Pyrénées. Its population is 14000. It is twinned with two other municipalities, one in Spain (Sabinanigo), and the other one in Germany (Petersberg). We have participated in a leonardo project.

The municipality would like to strengthen citizenship participation, renewing the methods, using innovative tools. Thanks to a Leonardo project, we have experimented a new tool coming from UK (called "Planning For Real").