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Municipality of Farkadona

Measure : 2.2 Networks of Towns

Country: Greece

Partner search deadline: 01/03/2015

Project description

The Municipality of Farkadona is interested in participating in « Europe for citizens » programme, as a partner in a group of authorities.

Organisation presentation

Name: Municipality of Farkadona.
Location: Region of Thessaly - Central Greece.
Population: about 16.000 inhabitants.

Urban environment: include small cities and villages.
Natural environment: include low-height mountains, plain, small forests and several rivers.
Cultural heritage: byzantine and other traditional monuments, ancient cities, and well-kept traditions.
Economy: basically based on agriculture, livestock, commerce and some industries.

Local authority's Main Goals: to use of local advantages, to participate in European programmes, to collaborate and exchange experiences with European partners, to activate the civic participation in European and local democratic processes: to fight unemployment (mostly on youths), poverty, ageing of population ; to provide specialized social facilities, high-level services and urban facilities for the residents ; to protect cultural and environmental heritage, susceptible social groups ; to promote specialized knowledge in new production and promotion methods, the use of new technology, the reclaim of green energy sources ; to encourage youth entrepreneurship, investments, extraversion of local economy ; to support mobility of people and ideas, intercultural contact ; to ensure sustainable economic, social and urban development ;

Experience: local actions concerning the issues and goals generally of municipality and especially of programme.