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Municipality of Stopini

Measure : 2.1 Town Twinning

Country: Latvia

Partner search deadline: 01/09/2014

Project description

The aim of project is to strengthen knowledge and understanding and look for similarities between different European cultures throughout getting to know historical households, handcrafts and traditions in Stopini municipality.

Municipality is located in Riga agglomeration and this comes with lots of positive and negative issues. The population of Stopini municipality is increasing from year to year and this is great area for business development. But the same time it is hard to preserve historical traditions in this fast growing business and urbanization area as well involve Stopini inhabitants to participate in local life and let them understood the uniqueness of our municipality.

With the help of project we would like to show that there can be founded the great historical cultural “pearls”, witnesses of Latvian historical life style – historical households, what have been remained between growing business environment and new living spaces. We would like to emphasize how important it is to preserve this historical heritage directly in agglomeration areas and through this develop tourism and do not lose historical evidence.

Within project the representatives of Stopini municipality will introduce project members with historical households in Stopini municipality, Latvian traditions and historical professions. There will be seminars to discuss and share experience with project partners about possibilities to develop local tourism and how to popularize these cultural values. Within project there will be develop future action plan to deal with this issue and also collaboration with project partners.

Partners searched

Municipalities what are involved in agglomeration of big cities. Local museums and cultural centers of municipalities within agglomerations.

Organisation presentation

Stopini municipality of Latvia. Basic facts: Area: 53.5 km2. Population: 10397 inhabitants (01.2014.). Stopini municipality is located near to Riga (capital city of Latvia) and had borders with Riga city, Salaspils, Ropazi and Garkalne municipalities. It consists of 9 villages. Territory is crossed by motorways A4, E77, E67, P4, P5. From Riga to Sauriesi goes the broad-gauge railway line. Municipality is located in Riga agglomeration.