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Museum Petersberg

Project name: CUFURA – Culture and future in rural areas

Measure : 2.2 Networks of Towns

Country: Germany

Partner search deadline: 30/06/2014

Project description

The demographic development of rural regions in many parts of Europe poses a significant challenge for the previous established structures. Local decision-makers are often subject to the restraints of development policies which more than ever pose great challenges for the rural infrastructure. Soft skills in particular often stagnate or even decline in the eyes of the local people whose real-life expectations remain unfulfilled. We want to further develop and share our experiences and ideas with other cultural facilities. According to our experiences cultural institutions have to face a variety of new and additional tasks besides their original function. On the one hand they have to preserve their own basis and on the other hand they have to assume the responsibility for the different social groups in rural areas with regard to the services of general interest.

The project will be conducted by citizens and a multiplicity of organisations at local and regional levels to debate the described issues.

The main objective of this project is to initiate the sustainable preservation of local cultural heritage in rural areas and to simultaneously perceive the demographic, social and economic challenges as an opportunity.

Partners searched

At least two other partners from different EU countries
municipalities. Other local or regional authorities or non-profit organisations representing local authorities which are in line with the project themes.