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Ozolnieki County Council

Measure : 2.2 Networks of Towns

Country: Latvia

Partner search deadline: 29/07/2015

Project description

Four municipalities from four different European countries will come together to innovate and exchange their experiences and ideas through discussions, seminars, workshops, best practices examples etc., in order to unleash their potential and know-how about the ways to support their local entrepreneurs/self-employed.

Broad range of stakeholders including representatives from municipalities, newly established and already active entrepreneurs, civil society organizations and local community members etc. will be invited to participate in national and international events (seminars and workshops, exchange of experience and success stories, visits to see best practice examples, final conference) jointly discussing on existent challenges and shortcomings and finding solutions based on strengthened inter-institutional and inter-professional collaboration.

During the project preparation phase partners will commonly agree on the activities at specific topics covered by the project. They will be responsible to involve participants and representatives from responsible municipal structures for cooperation with local entrepreneurs and non-governmental organizations supporting and promoting civil involvement and interest in public issues. Those local partnerships will propose activities that partners would like to carry out in their municipalities.

Organisation presentation

Ozolnieki County was established in 2003, after consolidation of Ozolnieki and Cenas parishes. On July 1, 2009, according to the administrative- territorial reform Sidrabene parish was incorporated.

County total area is 285.46 km2, the total population - 10 628 (01.01.2015).

County has geographically convenient location - between the capital city of Riga (40km away) and 4th biggest city of Latvia – Jelgava (10km away). Despite the current economic situation in the country, the population tends to increase (10 482 inhabitants 01.01.2014).

County administrative center is located in Ozolnieki. Due to the rapid development of the county, the local government annually invests considerable resources in the development of infrastructure, education, sports and culture. For this purpose both the municipal budget as well as appropriate EU funds are used and attracted.