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Measure : 2.1 Town Twinning

Country: Romania

Partner search deadline: 01/09/2014

Project description

Throughout this cooperation we intend to explain the concept of town twinning to our citizens which don’t have any experience regarding this. During non-formal meetings with persons of different nationalities, culture and all age, the cooperation intends to become an exchange of experiences on field of culture, administration, agriculture and tourism.

Specific objectives:
Promoting mutual understanding and tolerance by respecting and promoting cultural and linguistic diversity, promoting intercultural dialogue
Facilitating the exchange of experiences, culture, opinions and values
Allowing citizens to discover the benefits of the European citizenship

Partners searched

Rural/small urban authorities from any UE countries

Organisation presentation

Pecineaga commune is situated in the south-east area of Constanța county, 43 km from Constanța and 19 km from Mangalia, the nearest town. Pecineaga commune administration has an area of 8385 ha and a population of 3600 inhabitants, composed of village Vânători and village of Pecineaga.

The predominant industries in the county Constanța are: Chemicals and petrochemicals, Food and beverages, Textiles, Ship building, Construction materials, Mechanical components, Paper.

Agriculture is an important part in the county's economy, with Constanța being the county with the largest irrigation systems in the country (more than 4,300 km2 before 1989, now greatly reduced), cereals being the most important products. Also, the county is famous for its wines from the Murfatlar region.

The Port of Constanța is the largest port in Romania and one of the most important on the Black Sea. It is linked with the Danube by the Danube-Black Sea Canal – the widest and deepest navigable channel in Europe.