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Riebiņi municipality

Measure : 2.1 Town Twinning

Country: Latvia

Partner search deadline: 01/09/2015

Project description

Various topics from the fields of agriculture, culture, music, traditional things and sports, especialy youth activities and civic participation.

We are looking for partnership projects with neighbor countries – Lithuania, Belarus, Russia, Estonia.

Organisation presentation

Riebiņi municipality founded at 16.11.2004 from 6 districts - Rušona, Galēni, Stabulnieki, Sīļukalns, Silajāņi and Riebiņi. Municipality located in the Eastern part of Latvia, Latgale region; the total area is 630 km2; population - 5671 (according to The Office of Citizenship and Migration Affairs data).

The average population density per km2 is 11 people.
One of the biggest treasures – forests (31% from total area), lakes and rivers.

Education: kindergarten, 4 elementary schools, high school, 10 libraries, youth initiative centre. Culture: Riebiņi culture centre and 6 houses of culture in the districts.

Social sphere: Social care centre, social house, GP placements in the districts, pharmacies.

Business environment: agriculture - the main employment sector (mainly livestock and grain farming).