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Saulkrasti disctrict municipal agency

Measure : 2.1 Town Twinning

Country: Latvia

Partner search deadline: 01/09/2020

Project description

We are interested and willing to become a partner (not a lead partner) in a project of the Program « Europe for Citizens » for the period 2014-2020.

Organisation presentation

Saulkrasti district municipal agency „Saulkrastu kultūras un sporta centrs” ( hereinafter referred to as Agency ) is an institution under the supervision of Saulkrasti district council, set up to fulfill the functions of Saulkrasti district council in the fields of culture, sports, the preservation of the values of traditional culture, studies of local history, adult education, folk creativity and the development of healthy lifestyle.

The Agency operates by using the principle of sectors – culture, sports, local history, youth initiatives, projects and adult education (non-formal), where one professional is responsible
for one sector.

Agency has in its possession Culture Center "Zvejniekciems", Saulkrasti sports hall, open-air stage, a smaller stage – Sun square in Saulkrasti, two sports stadiums – one in Saulkrasti and the other in Zvejniekciems village, Saulkrasti public museum – writers' R.Kaudzite garden house, as well as two mini skate parks – one in Saulkrasti and the other in Zvejniekciems village. And it accounts for the activities of 21 amateur artist collectives and 9 local sports teams.

Agency manages and organizes sports and cultural activities in Saulkrasti district – availability of professional and amateur arts, organization of public holidays, commemoration and remembrance days, festivals and events of solstice and local traditions, art and poetry days, cultural and sports activities, competitions in various sports at local, national and international levels – for all age groups interested (including young people and senior citizens).

The total area of Saulkrasti district is 46.8 km2 and at the beginning of the year 2013 its population was 5855. Its administrative center is located on the seacoast of the Gulf of Riga, in the west part of Vidzeme. Saulkrasti district territory includes seaside forests from the Lilaste River and Lake in the South to the village Zvejniekciems in the North. The length of the administrative territory is 17 km, the distance from the center of Saulkrasti city to the Capital of Latvia – Riga is 45 km and the territory of the district is crossed by the international highway VIA Baltica.

Saulkrasti district includes Saulkrasti parish. Saulkrasti parish center is located in Saulkrasti city. Saulkrasti parish includes 27 villages: Ainava; Astra; Āres; Banga; Bātciems; Gaisma; Jubileja; Ķīšupe 1; Ķīšupe 2; Liepaine; Lilaste; Līči; Mežvidi; Pabaži; Pēterupe; Priedes; Roze; Saulainā ieleja; Saulīte; Selga; Silmala; VEF—Biķernieki; VEF—Pabaži; Veselība; Vēsma; Zeme; Zvejniekciems.

Saulkrasti district is crossed by four rivers which are symbolically depicted in Saulkrasti District coat of arms. These rivers are: Inčupe, Pēterupe, Ķīšupe, and Aģe.