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Ťahanovce Community

Measure : 2.2 Networks of Towns

Country: Slovakia

Partner search deadline: 01/09/2015

Project description

Meeting of representatives of municipalities to change experience in fostering European common responsibility, reflection of events at Ukraine, Greece and influx of immigrants at Italy.

Participant/organizer, we are interested in cooperation in tradition and crafts revival for local products promotion. Use of historical monuments and natural peculiarities to increase of the region attractiveness. We hope that in the future partners in the role of organizers will invite to meet each other.

Promotion of new forms of civic participation and building of existing forms.

Partners searched

We are looking for partners preferably from Slovenia, Croatia, Italy and Austria. We propose some cooperation of our partners at Ukraine.

Organisation presentation

Community of town part Košice, self- government. We have prepared project of the citizens meeting from Romania, Serbia, Hungary and Netherlands at Velka Ida Community in 2013.