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The City of Heraklion

Measure : 1.1 European Remembrance

Country: Greece

Partner search deadline: 01/09/2014

Project description

The City of Heraklion is looking for partners to develop projects related to « Europe for Citizens » Strand 1 : European remembrance.

Organisation presentation

Heraklion is a suburb of Athens, situated north of Athens. It has borders with the Metamorfosis, the Lykovryssi, the Maroussi and New Ionia suburbs. It has a population of 45,926 inhabitants (2001), located in an area of 4.6 km. The social classes living in the area are mainly medium urban.

In May 1837, King Otto came for permanent residence in Greece. He tried to find the appropriate location for his relatives and his military attaché issued a decree which founded the Bavarian Military colony in Heraklion Attikis.

On 05/03/1842 King Ludwig of Bavaria started building the Catholic church of St. Luke in Gothic form. Inaugurated on 10.18.1845, it is the second Catholic Church in Attica, since the first one had been built in Piraeus in 1839. Architect of the church was the Bavarian Theophilus Hansen. The image of St. Luke said was created by a German princess in Athens.

On 05/06/1941 Himmler of the SS came to visit what he had called his place of origin. Indeed he visited the Catholic cemetery in Heraklion Attikis where his aunt named Amalia Wolf's had been buried. Where is today the Veropoulos Super Market (home of Louis A. Vanger) he had established a German school with a teacher named Marie Siouman.

Heraklion is the place where the first beer in Greece in 1858 was made by the family Fix which had a monopoly in Greece from 1864 to 1963.

The city of Heraklion Attikis has a deep tradition concerning culture and sports. The city has a lot of facilities related to cultural activities. There are a lot of athletic stadiums in the city.
The city has a deep tradition in themes concerning the political activities for the ensuring of human rights. There are a lot of unions that are currently working on such activities and policies. The civil society has deep roots inside the social environment of Heraklion Attikis.