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The Messzehangzó Foundation

Measure : 2.1 Town Twinning

Country: Hungary

Partner search deadline: 04/06/2014

Project description

The « Messzehangzó » Foundation is looking for partners to elaborate projects as part of the « Europe for Citizens » program.

Organisation presentation

The "Messzehangzó" foundation has been established in 2008 in Hungary as a non-profit organization. The purpose of the foundation is to create equal opportunities for promising talents in need on a long term basis. We provide free, extracurricular, complex programme in order to support the talented young people in need.

Each year we organize 2 camps on the field of music and sport. Between 2008- 2013, 250 young people have attended the sport camp and 200 young people have attended the complex art camp. 100% of the participants came from a very disadvantaged background. At the moment 21 young people is granted with a scholarship of the foundation.

More than 100 young people are given the possibility to take part of the regularly organized thematic events. We organize courses and workshops also to the parents, to their teachers and professional working with talented children in need. We have established a long term cooperation with the Psychology Institute of the Gáspár Károli University.

All our services are for free. Throughout the years we have established a very good partnership with some institutions such as The National Talent Support Council, the Hungarian Genius programme, the Talentpoint Network and also with more than 25 schools in Budapest. The primarily focus of the foundation are the socio-culturally disadvantaged talented (either in sport or in music) young people at school age. The secondary focus is the parents and teachers as we think it is also very important to care about the environment this young people live. Our operational areas are the following: research, publications, events, training for volunteers, for parents and teachers, talent counselling, talent support and talent identification. In 2009 the foundation has been designated as Talent Point. Talent Points are crucial in coordinating each region’s talent support network and are an important part of the National Development Plan Genius programme.