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The Municipality of Ape

Measure : 2.2 Networks of Towns

Country: Latvia

Partner search deadline: 01/09/2014

Project description

The Municipality of Ape is planning to take part in the new Europe for Citizens program. Our Municipality is looking for European partners to jointly participate in the relevant measure 2.1. Town Twinning.

The aim of Project will be cooperation and experience exchange between Non-governmental organizations (experience exchange about attraction of funding, contribution to local community and territory etc.).

In our municipality work active NGO’s (hockey club „Ape”, Ape Youth club „Rails”, Association “Support Club for Ape Development”, Moto club “Ape”, “The Centre of Creative Ideas”, “Ozolzīle” for development of education of Ape etc.) whose target groups and spheres of activities are quite different, but we all are united by one goal – the development of our territory, our people well-being and working options on the site in Ape. We would like to share with experience and take a look of similar character non-governmental sector actions in other places.

Apes municipality is also planning to participate in the measure 2.2 Networks of towns.  Apes municipality is looking forward for cooperation partners – similar or slightly larger local municipalities to jointly view, analyse and find ideas for growth in the following areas – rural employment, rural business development, interaction of rural territories and development centres, access to services of general interest, cultural heritage significance in rural areas, the impact of social activities on a community, attraction of youth to rural territories.

Organisation presentation

Ape municipality is located in Northeast part of Latvia and has common border with Republic of Estonia. Municipality has established on 2009 and it includes town Ape and Ape, Trapene, Gaujiena, Vireši rural municipalities. The whole territory of the region is 545.13 km2 and it is 8th largest municipality in Vidzeme region by its territory size. The total number of inhabitants in Ape municipality on 01.01.2014 is 4034. Municipality administrative centre is municipality institution “Ape municipality council” and it is located in town Ape.

Accessibility of services provided by municipality in territorial units provides administrative of Gaujiena, Trapene and Vireši rural municipalities. Ape municipality provides implementation of decisions made by council, as well as maintenance of managerial and technical works. For implementation in laws and regulations defined functions and tasks of municipality, as well as for implementation of voluntary initiatives of municipality, council has made and supervises 35 institutions and departments.