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The Unit for Social Innovation and Research – "Shipyard"

Project name: Great Reconstruction. European cities after World War II.

Measure : 1.1 European Remembrance

Country: Poland

Partner search deadline: 04/06/2014

Project description


Identity, building common historical narrative, popularizing history, participatory history

Project Objectives:

  • Creating a narrative that will tell the story of the rebuilding efforts in the cities of post war Europe; a unique challenge faced by people from different parts of Europe.
  • Creating a concept for a pavilion that will hold an exhibition on the rebuilding efforts. The pavilion will be open to the public in the respective cities taking part in the project. It will hold an exhibition prepared together with our partners, as well as workshop space offering vast array of activities.
  • Attempt to collect memories and recollections from witnesses and participants of the rebuilding. Recording of interviews in the convention of Oral History.

Planned activities:

Study visits, seminars (narrative building, designing the program), events in the public space

Our partner will work on the content of the exhibit narrative and workshops programs. He or she will be responsible for coordinating recording sessions with the witnesses and participants of the rebuilding efforts. Our partner will be responsible for taking care of the legal formalities surrounding the placement of our pavilion with the respective cities’ authorities.

Partners searched

We are looking for partners from cities where the destruction and the subsequent rebuilding processes have had crucial influence on the way they look today. We are particularly interested in working with partners from the city of Havre (France) and the city of Dresden (Germany).

Organisation presentation

Shipyard was created with the aim of critical and reliable description of challenges of social life in Poland, searching and promoting effective, innovative methods of reacting to them based on civic participation. Actions taken by the Shipyard concentrate on three key issues: development of local communities, social innovations and civic participation.