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University of Bamberg

Measure : 2.3 Civil Society Projects

Country: Germany

Partner search deadline: 01/09/2014

Project description

The department of political/civic education of the University of Bamberg is planning a conference in March 2015. The topic is: « Kompetenz zum Widerstand. Eine vernachlässigte Aufgabe der ökonomischen und politischen Bildung » (Competence to resistance. A neglected task for economical and political/civic education).

From a multidisciplinary perspective (educational science, psychology, sociology, political science, constitutional law, philosophy) it will be discussed, under which conditions people tend to refuse to act according the dominant role expectation in their economical (consuming goods, investing money etc.) and political (electional voting, engaging in NGOs etc.) behavior.

In this context we will compare different European cultures in respect to adaption versus resistance. The ability to resist is the central precondition for personal responsibility in the sense of the Enlightenment. With respect to the ethical dimension the concrete consequences of the ethical criteria for adaption and resistance must be examined: human rights and the human dignity.

We are looking for partners in any European country who can contribute to our conference

  • examples for successful resistance activities in civil society in his country or
  • scientific researches about this topic (competence, ability, willingness to resist) in his country.