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Visaginas municipality

Measure : 2.2 Networks of Towns

Country: Lithuania

Partner search deadline: 06/02/2015

Project description

Visaginas Municipality (Lithuania) would like to invite you to become a partner of our project “Cities for Citizens” (CFC) applying for EU programme “Europe for Citizens 2014 – 2020”; Strand 2. Democratic engagement and civic participation – Measure 2.2. Networks of towns. Deadline for applying is 2nd of March, 2015.

“Cities for Citizens” is a project which connects small multicultural cities of EU and fosters an integration of national minorities and disadvantaged people to EU society trough cultural, sport and experience sharing events and activities.
MAIN ACTIVITIES AND EVENTS where you can participate or which you can organize:

  1. Tailor-made intensive English language course for project coordinators and administrators (planed in UK);
  2. Conference “Back to the roots for sustainable future” (planned in Estonia);
  3. Cultural and sport events “Fostering of cities communities citizenship through sport and cultural activities, historical knowledge and experience sharing” (planned in Lithuania and Latvia);
  4. Final event in 2016 – VI international festival of various nationalities “Rudeninės” and evaluation of the project, discussion about project results (in Lithuania).

As a project partner you will be able to:

  • Send up to 7 people to the English language course (costs will be covered, but participants may have to pay travel expenses to and from UK);
  • Organize and/or participate in international cultural and sport events in foreign European countries (costs will be covered);
  • Share experience with European cities with common integration problems and find solutions with experienced experts;
  • Know more about European Union policy of minorities, their culture, history and traditions, develop tolerance to disadvantage people through your citizens.

As a project partner you commit to:

  • Get your PIC number if you don’t have it yet
  • Ensure project visibility on the website of your organization and in your town, share project news and results as widely as you can;
  • Invite participants to project events and be responsible for them during project activities (you may also add other non-profit organizations from your town to this project);
  • Pay traveling costs if project budget doesn’t cover them.

There may be other commitments if both sides agree during the project.

Partners searched

European cities that are multicultural and where a lot of minorities live, suitable to participate in the "Europe for Citizens" programme (Strand 2. Democratic engagement and civic participation - Measure 2.2. Networks of towns) with whom we can organize cultural, sport and experience sharing events or activities to foster an integration of national minorities and disadvantaged people to EU society. We intend to invite our partners in our country and also to be hosted in your country.

Organisation presentation

Visaginas is located 150 km north-east of the capital Vilnius and about 70 km east of the centre of the County – the City of Utena.

The construction of the Nuclear Power Plant (NPP) stimulated the development of this city and arrival of many nationalities from all around the world. Now NPP is being demolished.

Visaginas is the youngest city of Lithuania. A ten-kilometre zone around Visaginas is covered by 110 lakes. Visaginas Municipality has a diverse cultural life. It hosts large-scale international events: international country music festival, international theatre festival of mono-performances, international street theatre festival, international festival of minorities traditional culture and so on.

More than 40 nationalities live here. Most of them are from Eastern Europe or Asia. Sport is also very active field in the town. Visaginas is famous with Olympic champions and many sport activities (basketball, football, acrobatics, volleyball, canoeing, etc.

Visaginas municipality has a great experience with international infrastructural, cultural and social projects.