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Rautjärvi municipality

Project name: War history to modern education

Measure : 1.1 European Remembrance

Country: Finland

Partner search deadline: 27/02/2015

Project description

Goal of the project is to make an educational publication to young adults and children in Europe. The topic is Second World War and how it affected to people and their lives.

We are making two publications. Scientific publication that compares the effects of war in two target countries (Finland and Estonia). And an educational publication that tells same tale in a way that young people understand it. From of the educational publication is digital comic book.

We’re also opening a website that has comic like content and game like features to give more information to young people. Point is to tell about Second World War and its consequences to everyday life in a way it interests young people. We also have war historical locations and drama tours in Rautjärvi. These locations and drama tours are used to support learning and are connected to comic book and website. We are hoping to make more location based learning enviroments.

Target group is young people from age 10 to 29 years.

Partners searched

We are looking for partners to distribute our publications in Europe.

We are hoping that you can forward our digital publication to your members and partners. Publications and the website are free to use. Languages are English, Finnish and Estonia.

Finland and Estonia are the accountable partners. We need partners from EU. There are no other limits. To confirm you as a partner we need your BIC code or we can send you our partner sheet.

Organisation presentation

Rautjärvi municipality is small (population 3 800) town next to Russian border in south-east Finland. We have done several area development projects that included war history and specially Second World War. Our goal is to build educational environments around our war historical locations. Our partners are two university’s from Finland and Estonia.