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Women's Studies Institute Association in Bialystok

Project name: Participation of women in political structures on the borders of European regions (practices, recommendations, perspective)

Measure : 2.3 Civil Society Projects

Country: Poland

Partner search deadline: 01/09/2014

Project description


Dialogue, exchange of experience, good practices and ideas on participation of women in political structures between 4 European countries, concerning the specificity of border regions, i.e. multicultural regions, inhabited by a variety of national and ethnic minorities.

Project Objectives:

  • Promoting active participation of women in political structures
  • Comparing and enhancing participation of women in political structures
  • Development of an international network of cooperation among organizations working for stronger participation of women in political structures

The project is to be a starting point to learning about political participation of women in ethnically diverse environments in different countries, but also an introduction to further work, in which the knowledge gained will be used in practice.
Planned activities:
study visits in partner countries, public events (focus meetings, debates, “living books”), seminars/workshops, conference, exchange through digital workspace, report on « The Ins and Outs and backstage participation of women in political structures on the borderlands of Europe » and making a video.

During the phase of program preparation partners will designate their participants (2-3 people), local community leaders (4-6 people) . supporting and promoting participation of women in public and political issues. Local partnerships will propose activities that partners would like to carry out in their hometowns. The schedule of activities will be prepared jointly. The project kick-off meeting and the final conference will be held in Bialystok – the coordinator of the project.

Partners searched

Preferred partners: partners from borderland regions of Germany, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Lithuania (possibly others, but in frontier areas).

Partners could be: non-governmental organizations (preferably scientific or female ones, watchdogs), or higher education / students’ organizations.

Organisation presentation

The initiative to establish the association of academics and related to the wide sphere of education appeared in 2011. Research interests and social activities and popularizing the Founders of the project contributed to adoption of the main objectives of the association (primarily relating to taking up and popularization of scientific and educational projects related to the subject of women). Members and friends of the association combine interests in women's issues (including interdisciplinary research).

As part of the activities of the association there are development and co- operation between science and education and the sphere of practice which fosters ties of the Women's Studies Institute with other NGOs, government, institutions supporting efforts to promote women's issues.